The Best Phone Charms

Raina Zuniga
14 min readApr 19, 2024



Welcome to our latest roundup, where we bring you the best of the best in the world of Phone Charms. As life gets busier and our phones become an essential accessory, we’re here to help you accessorize in style. From sleek leather wraps to charming gemstone accents, we’ve got something for every taste and budget. Ready to make your phone stand out? Let’s get started!

The Top 10 Best Phone Charms

  1. Y2K-Inspired Phone Charm with Hands-Free Wristlet Strap — Unleash your inner Y2K style with the latest must-have phone accessory — Casetify Glossy-Rainbow Phone Strap Charm, a beaded, non-toxic wristlet crafted to elevate your mirror selfies and eco-friendly fashion choices.
  2. iDecoz Unicorn Charm Phone Charms — Enhance your phone’s charm with iDecoz Coffee Phone Charms — a peel-and-stick enamel design that’s both stylish and reusable!
  3. Whimsical iDecoz Unicorn Phone Charms — iDecoz Unicorn Phone Charms: Grace your phone with ease by incorporating removable, reusable, and hassle-free adornments that imbue your device with enchantment!
  4. Hello Kitty Mushroom Phone Charm — Freshen up your phone style with the enchanting mushroom-inspired Hello Kitty and Friends Phone Charm, designed by Sanrio.
  5. Choose Joy Beaded Phone Charm Accessory — Brighten your day with the Choose Joy beaded phone charm, adding a touch of joy and functionality to your phone and EF phone case.
  6. CORECOLOUR Cherry Tree Phone Charm — Stylish Accessory for Your Phone — Add a touch of nostalgia to your phone with the CORECOLOUR Cherry Tree Phone Charm, featuring a vintage chain of golden links adorned with beaded pearls and gemstones for a stylish and functional accessory.
  7. Stitch Smartphone Strap Pre-Order by JDS Die-Cut Charm — Transform your smartphone with the stylish JDS Stitch Smartphone Strap and Charm, adding a unique touch to your coordinated accessory game!
  8. PORTOWN Cute Phone Charm Strap with Crystal Flower Beads — Sparkle up your phone with the adorable PORTOWN Beaded Phone Strap — the perfect blend of style and practicality for your everyday life.
  9. Uniquely Beautiful Pearl-Accented Phone Strap — Add a touch of femininity to your phone with the Pretty Pink Phone Charms Strap — perfect for fashion-forward women and girls who love unique accessories.
  10. Pink Cute Strap Phone Charms for Added Style and Convenience — A stylish and functional phone charm strap that adds unique flair and convenience to your phone, perfect for women and girls to enhance their style daily.

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Y2K-Inspired Phone Charm with Hands-Free Wristlet Strap


Introducing the glossy-rainbow Casetify Phone Strap Charm — a delightful fusion of tech and 90s-inspired fashion, perfect for your hands-free phone-snapping adventure. Designed with acrylic and resin beads, this stylish accessory adds a pop of color to your mirror selfies and keeps your phone safe in style. Made from non-toxic, lead-free materials, it’s a fashion-forward choice that not only looks good but also feels good.

The 100% recyclable packaging is not only environmentally friendly but also adds a touch of elegance to your purchase.

iDecoz Unicorn Charm Phone Charms


Recently, I had the pleasure of trying out the iDecoz Coffee Phone Charms, and let me tell you, it was an enjoyable and distinctive experience. Being a huge fan of coffee-motifed designs, these charms immediately caught my eye due to their eye-catching enamel coffee cup and lip design. The peel-and-stick application made the process effortless, and I appreciated the fact that they were reusable.

The most outstanding aspect was that these charms genuinely made my phone distinguishable from others. The flattering comments I received about my phone really boosted my confidence. However, the downside was that they tended to come off quite easily, which was a bit disheartening. The final verdict? These charms are perfect for someone who desires a fun and trendy phone accessory. Just remember that they might not endure forever.

Whimsical iDecoz Unicorn Phone Charms


iDecoz Unicorn Phone Charms offer a delightful way to add some enchantment to your phone accessories. This set of 2 packable phone decorations are incredibly easy to apply, requiring only a simple peel and stick motion.

The detachable design allows for endless reuse, so you can continue to spruce up your devices with whimsical flair. Each charm measures 4 x 2.5 cm in size, making them perfect to showcase on the back of your phone or as a sleek addition to your phone case. These adorable charms are not only functional but also environmentally friendly.

They’re constructed from non-toxic and recyclable materials, ensuring that you can indulge in your creative urges guilt-free.

Hello Kitty Mushroom Phone Charm


I’ve had the pleasure of using the Sanrio Hot Topic Hello Kitty and Friends Mushroom Phone Charm, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! The mushroom-inspired beads add a touch of whimsy to my phone, while Hello Kitty and My Melody add a pop of color. I’ve been receiving compliments left and right, and it’s been a delight to share the story behind the charming design.

The charm is a bit bigger than I expected, but it doesn’t bother me as much as it adds character to my phone. All in all, I’m glad I chose this fun phone charm to jazz up my daily life!

Choose Joy Beaded Phone Charm Accessory


As a busy mom, I’ve always struggled with keeping my phone nearby while making sure it doesn’t slip away during my hectic daily routine. That’s why the Choose Joy beaded phone charm from Elevated Faith caught my attention. Its cute design and affordable price made it an easy decision to give it a try.

I was pleasantly surprised when the charm arrived — it was even more beautiful than I expected. The intricate beading and attention to detail immediately reminded me of the uplifting messages that Elevated Faith is known for. I loved its fun, colorful look, and it certainly adds a touch of joy to my mirror selfies — and it even doubles as a wrist strap to prevent any accidental drops.

One of the things that stood out to me was the smooth and durable material used in the charm. It might seem like a minor detail, but it’s the little things that make a big difference. I also appreciate the reminder of choosing joy in my daily life, which is a perfect blend of style and substance.

However, one minor drawback I noticed is that the wrist strap was a little less sturdy than expected. Sometimes, it would come loose when carrying my phone. But overall, it’s a small inconvenience in the face of a charming little accessory that adds joy to my life.

In conclusion, the Choose Joy beaded phone charm from Elevated Faith is not just an accessory but a sweet reminder to live with joy and gratitude. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to add a touch of uplifting positivity to their phone case.

CORECOLOUR Cherry Tree Phone Charm — Stylish Accessory for Your Phone


Experience a delightful fusion of retro charm and modern technology with the CORECOLOUR Cherry Tree Phone Charm. This innovative accessory, inspired by the classic phone charms from the ’90s, adds a touch of elegance and practicality to your device. The charm features a delicate chain adorned with golden links, effortlessly securing it to your wrist.

The charm’s charm doesn’t stop there; it’s embellished with beaded pearls and gemstones, adding an extra touch of sophistication. So, whether you’re heading out for a night on the town or just running errands, this charming phone accessory is sure to turn heads and make your device more than just a gadget.

Stitch Smartphone Strap Pre-Order by JDS Die-Cut Charm


For those looking for a unique and stylish way to accessorize their smartphones, the JDS — Stitch Smartphone Strap Die-Cut Charm is an excellent choice. This charming device allows you to secure your smartphone to your case with ease, thanks to its straightforward attachment system. Simply use the provided adhesive sheet and the charging hole on your case to attach the main unit.

The package offers a height of approximately 25 centimeters, a width of 10 centimeters, and a thickness of 1.5 centimeters, providing a compact and convenient profile. The strap itself is designed to be around 60 centimeters long, ensuring ample room for securing your smartphone to your case. Additionally, the included charm measures approximately 4 centimeters in length, adding a touch of elegance to your smartphone.

However, it’s essential to note that the purchasing and shipping process may take up to 3–4 weeks, depending on your location. As for compatibility, please make sure to check the shape of your smartphone’s charging port before purchasing to ensure a snug fit. Overall, the JDS — Stitch Smartphone Strap Die-Cut Charm is an attractive and functional accessory, perfect for coordinating with your existing smartphone case.

PORTOWN Cute Phone Charm Strap with Crystal Flower Beads


When I first saw the PORTOWN Phone Charm String, I was immediately drawn to the playful design and the promise of added convenience to my phone accessory game. I tested a couple of different ones, and the colorful crystal beads on this lanyard were the hands-down winner. It was a delight to slip it through the side opening of my phone case and secure it, giving my hands a much-needed break. It also offered a pop of color to my phone, which added a bit of fun to my daily scrolling.

One evening when I was on-the-go, I accidentally left my phone on the table at a coffee shop. I was sure it was gone forever, but lo and behold, my charming phone charm finally paid off. The PORTOWN lanyard had snagged itself on the shop’s chair, saving my precious phone from the depths of lost and forgotten devices.

I think the best thing about this charm is its suitability as a gift, especially for loved ones who are always losing their phones. Its exquisite bead design makes it a perfect fit for family and friends, a thoughtful present that proves functionality and fun can go hand in hand. A heads-up: the crystal beads might not be as durable as some more robust materials, but the charm of this phone accessory is worth the risk.

Uniquely Beautiful Pearl-Accented Phone Strap


I recently added the Showkanbay Phone Charms Strap to my phone, and I must say, it’s a charming addition to my daily life. This dainty strap adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to my phone, making it a perfect accessory for an everyday phone upgrade.

The softness of the pearl butterfly beads gives it a luxurious feel, and the strong nylon rope ensures that it won’t break off easily. Its versatility in size and style makes it suitable for most people. However, I noticed that it can sometimes slide off when I’m not holding my phone securely.

Overall, this is a thoughtful gift for girlfriends, wives, and moms that might need a little phone charm in their lives.

Pink Cute Strap Phone Charms for Added Style and Convenience


This adorable Showkanbay Phone Charms Strap in the shade of pink caught my attention immediately. Its unique charm makes my phone stand out, and the soft, aesthetic design adds a touch of elegance to my everyday look. Made with a combination of faux pearl, acrylic beads, and polymer clay, the strap is both stylish and durable, thanks to the strong nylon rope.

I found these Charms Straps to be the perfect hands-free solution; simply loop them through my phone’s mute button hole, and I’m ready to go! They’re a fantastic daily accessory, perfect for women and girls who enjoy adding a touch of femininity to their phone accessories.

While I love the appearance of these Charms Straps, I do wish they came in more colors or designs to choose from. Nonetheless, the option to personalize the product is a fantastic feature for a thoughtful gift.

Buyer’s Guide

Phone charms, also known as phone accessories or phone grips, are small attachments designed to improve the functionality or aesthetics of your smartphone. Whether you’re looking for a cute addition to your phone or a more practical solution, there are various phone charms available on the market. In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss the essential features, considerations, and general advice for selecting the perfect phone charms for your needs.


Material Types

Phone charms are typically made from materials such as silicone, rubber, plastic, or metal. Each material type comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. Silicone and rubber charms are generally lightweight, comfortable to hold, and provide a good grip. Plastic charms are often more durable and budget-friendly but may not have the same level of grip as silicone or rubber. Metal charms are sturdy and visually attractive, but they may be heavier and less comfortable to hold for extended periods.

Design and Functionality

Phone charms come in various designs and functions, such as phone grips, pop-sockets, or wallet-attachments. Phone grips or loops are designed to improve the grip on your phone, making it easier to hold and use with one hand. Pop-sockets, on the other hand, are expandable and can be used as a kickstand for your phone, making media consumption more enjoyable. Some charms also offer additional functionality, such as built-in storage spaces for credit cards or cash.


Compatibility with Phone Size and Case

Before purchasing, ensure that the phone charm is compatible with the size and type of your phone and any protective case you may be using. Measure the circumference of your phone, including the phone case, and compare it to the dimensions provided by the manufacturer. This will ensure a secure fit and optimal functionality.


Phone charms come in various designs, patterns, and colors, allowing you to express your personal style. Consider the overall design and color scheme of your phone and accessories when selecting a charm. Some charms may feature brand logos, while others may showcase unique designs or pop-culture references.



What is a Mobile Charm?

A Mobile Charm, also known as a Phone Charm, is a compact, decorative ornamental accessory that can be affixed to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile Charms come in a vast array of shapes, sizes, and styles, allowing users to personalize their device while enhancing functionality through key rings or clips.

These charming additions to mobile devices are crafted from various materials like metal, plastic, or fabric, enabling customization options that cater to individual preferences. Moreover, some Mobile Charms incorporate advanced features like built-in stands, permitting hands-free usage for video calls, internet browsing, and video watching.


What are the advantages of utilizing a Mobile Charm?

Employing a Mobile Charm provides users with multiple benefits, such as enhancing the gadget’s visual appeal, introducing a personalized touch, and aiding in preventing accidental drops or damage. Furthermore, these charms can serve as a small key ring or clip, facilitating secure attachment of the phone to bags, pockets, or other surfaces.

For individuals who frequently use their mobile devices during travel, events, or while watching movies, Mobile Charms with built-in stands offer a more convenient hands-free experience. These charms can also safeguard the phone from minor scratches and scuffs caused by contact with other objects like keys or cosmetics.

How do I attach a Mobile Charm to my mobile device?

Attaching a Mobile Charm to your mobile device usually involves a small clip, loop, or strap, as part of the charm itself. Simply slide the clip or loop over your phone case’s edge or corner, and fasten any additional clips or rings to secure the Mobile Charm in place. Certain charms come with detachable clips or straps, offering extra convenience and flexibility.

It is crucial to ensure that the Mobile Charm is securely attached to your device to prevent accidental loss or damage. Additionally, be cautious not to obstruct any of your phone’s buttons or ports during the attachment process, maintaining full device functionality and access to features. If unsure about attaching a Mobile Charm, consult the manufacturer’s instructions or customer support for guidance.


Are Mobile Charms sturdy enough to endure daily use?

Mobile Charms are generally designed to be strong enough to withstand daily usage without causing significant damage to your mobile device. However, it’s essential to choose a Mobile Charm made from high-quality materials and tested for durability and compatibility with your specific device. Some charms may also possess additional protective features, such as soft padding or shock-absorbent materials, to reduce the risk of damage further.

Bear in mind that prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures, humidity, or harsh chemicals can adversely affect the lifespan of Mobile Charms, as well as your mobile device. To ensure the longest possible life of both your Mobile Charm and phone, adhere to proper care and maintenance guidelines, and avoid exposing your phone to harsh environments or conditions.

Can I purchase Mobile Charms for various types of mobile devices?

Yes, Mobile Charms are available for a wide array of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets from numerous manufacturers. To guarantee compatibility with your specific device, carefully review the product specifications or consult the manufacturer’s instructions before purchasing. Some charms may also have a universal design, enabling attachment to multiple types of devices.

When searching for Mobile Charms, take note of product reviews and ratings, as well as detailed descriptions of the charm’s features and compatibility. This information can assist you in making an informed decision and selecting a charm that fits your device and personal preferences.

What are some popular styles of Mobile Charms?

There are countless stylish Mobile Charms available, catering to diverse audiences and preferences. Popular styles include floral or nature-inspired designs, vibrant, geometric patterns, minimalist and sleek designs, and personalized charms featuring names, initials, or customizable elements. Additionally, some Mobile Charms possess functional features like built-in stands, clip attachments, or detachable rings, enhancing usability and added convenience.

When shopping for Mobile Charms, consider your aesthetic preferences and overall design sensibilities, alongside the functional benefits you desire. By doing so, you can make the perfect choice to meet your needs and enhance your mobile device experience.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.